5 Car Rental Tips That Will Save You Money And Frustration

Hiring a vehicle should be a straightforward and seamless process, but this isn’t always the case. Unfortunately, there are a range of issues which can crop up and leave you out of pocket. To ease frustration and ensure you benefit from budget-friendly car hire, take a look at these top five car rental tips…

  1. Book at the right time

Booking a rental vehicle too early could be costly, but waiting until the last minute could leave you high and dry too. If you’re hiring a vehicle in busier areas, such as well-known towns and cities, it’s often advisable to book three to six months in advance. As well as benefitting from great prices, you can be sure that your chosen car hire company will still have a range of vehicles available.

  1. Take extras with you

Instead of renting additional extras for a car hire firm, take your own items with you. If you’re travelling with children, for example, take your own car seats. Similarly, don’t risk paying high fees for using the car hire firm’s sat-nav system. Ask whether you can bring your own sat-nav, or use in-built GPS on smartphones and tablets to help you get around.

  1. Have your documentation ready

You won’t be able to collect your car rental if you don’t have the right paperwork with you, so be sure to pack everything you need. Some car hire firms will allow you to email or fax some documentation in advance, and this can help to ensure a hassle-free collection when you pick up the car. However, even if you’ve already supplied some of your paperwork, you’ll need I.D. with you when you collect your rental vehicle. Check exactly what your car hire company requires, and double-check you have the right documents with you before you leave.

  1. Arrange insurance in advance

When you hire a vehicle from a reputable rental firm, such as Henfield Car Hire, you’ll have the option of arranging insurance cover at the time of your booking. Whether you opt for basic insurance included with the cost of hire or you want to add extras, such as a collision damage or theft waiver, try to arrange your insurance policy in advance. This helps to ensure you secure the type of coverage you need and streamlines the collection process too.

  1. Take note of important contact details

Your car hire company may have a 24-hour helpline you can contact in times of emergency, and they may also provide a roadside assistance service in the event of breakdowns or mechanical problems. Make sure you take a note of these contact details and keep them with you at all times.

Don’t simply put the paperwork in the boot or glovebox, because you may not be able to access it in the event of an emergency. If you accidentally lock the keys inside the car, for example, you’ll be glad you stored the relevant emergency contact numbers in your phone!

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