Suzie Bates: Every Detail Of Her Fantastic Career

Suzie Bates is a member of the New Zealand women’s cricket team. Suzy’s contributions to the New Zealand team have always been very helpful throughout her entire professional life. As a member of the New Zealand women’s team, Suzie competed in the women’s event at the 2008 Olympics. 

During the 2009 women’s World Cup, she scored 168 runs in a single game, which put her in third place among all players for the most runs scored in a single game. She was named captain of the New Zealand women’s cricket team in 2011. Since then, she has led the team to levels of success that have never been seen before. According to latest news related to cricket, most people agree that she is one of New Zealand’s best female cricket players. She has played in more than a hundred One-Day Internationals, and the White Herons could learn a lot from her experience.

  • Early Life & Journey –

Suzie Bates was born on September 16, 1987, in the city of Dunedin, which is in the country of New Zealand. She was just as enthusiastic about several other sports when she was younger. She is an important part of the White Ferns, the Otago Sparks of the State League, and the Southern Vipers of the Women’s Cricket Super League. Since 2004, she has played in the New Zealand State Cricket League. In a game against Auckland in which she played for Otago, she scored 183 runs in 152 balls. She was asked to join the national team because of how well she did in that innings. In 2006, she played her first one-day international match for New Zealand against India. India was the team playing. The next year, she played for the New Zealand women’s Twenty20 team for the first time in a game against South Africa. Since then, she has been an important part of the team.

When Suzie was named captain of the New Zealand women’s basketball team for the 2012 Olympics, it was a turning point in her life because she had to decide whether she wanted to be a professional basketball player or a cricket player. It didn’t take long for her success in cricket to show that she had made the right decision to go into that field. As a member of the New Zealand women’s cricket team, she has won a lot of awards and honors throughout her career.

The International Cricket Council gave her both the One-Day International (ODI) Women’s Player of the Year award in 2013 and the Twenty20 Women’s Player of the Year award in 2015. Suzy’s help has been very helpful to the New Zealand team in many ways. She is one of only eight New Zealand women’s cricket players who have played in more than 100 One-Day Internationals. She plays cricket for the New Zealand Black Caps team for women (ODIs).

Since she first began her career on the international scene, she has consistently been one of the most talented players, particularly during the World Cup. In the One-Day International tournament that she participated in back in 2009, she achieved a score of 168 runs, which was the third-highest score in the history of the event. Bates was given the title of Women’s One-Day International (ODI) Cricketer of the Year for 2013. This was because she amassed a total of 407 runs and was selected as the competition’s finest player.

Because of her ability to bowl at a moderate pace and make solid contact with the ball, she is an incredibly useful contributor to whatever team she joins. She was one of the primary reasons that Perth Scorchers decided to sign her for the Women’s Big Bash League, and she almost led her team to victory in the finals, but Sydney Sixers prevailed with a victory by a score of seven runs. However, she was one of the main reasons that Perth Scorchers decided to sign her. In 2017, she became a member of the Adelaide Strikers, and in that same year, her teammates voted to make her the team’s captain. She is a member of the Southern Vipers, who competes in the Kia Super League.

It is generally agreed upon that Suzie Bates is the best cricket player in the world in every respect. She possesses powerful personality traits as well as the motivation to make the most of them in the most effective way imaginable. A participant who is capable of seizing control of the game and guiding his or her team to victory.

  • Cricket & Stats –

Her debut in the One-Day International competition came on March 4, 2006, when she faced off against India.

She made her Twenty20 International debut on August 10, 2007, when she competed against South Africa in a match that was her first ever.

In the history of New Zealand cricket, only eight players have reached the milestone of playing in 100 one-day internationals (ODIs) for the white ferns. One of them is named Bates.

There have been 121 one-day international matches that Suzie Bates has participated in for her country. She has scored 42.6 runs per game on average, for a total of 4392 runs scored in her career. She has a total of 168 runs scored in all of the one-day matches. She has a wicket-taking average of 4.93 runs per over in one-day internationals and has collected 74 scalps. Her greatest bowling performance saw her take four wickets while allowing only seven runs to be scored.

She has participated in 111 Twenty20 Internationals for New Zealand, and she has scored 3,100 runs, which gives her an average of 30.7 runs per game. At the current score of 124, she is not yet out in the T20 Internationals. She has a strike rate of 6.63 and has taken 49 wickets in T20 internationals. Her average number of wickets per over is 6. Additionally, the rate of her company’s sales is 6.63. Her best performance came in a game in which she took four wickets and allowed the other team to score only 26 runs.

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