Tips to Redeem Your Air Miles Points

Today, booking flight tickets online is not only convenient, but it can also be quite rewarding. You can earn air miles, which can be redeemed later. Read on to know how to redeem your air miles points.

Today, booking a flight ticket has become easier than ever before; you can get your booking done with just a click of a button. Apart from convenience, online ticket booking is also extremely rewarding, especially if you make the payment through credit card.

Many credit card companies have tie-ups with the airlines and offer special credit cards that offer several multiple travel benefits, including hotel memberships, air miles earning, airport lounge access, etc. All these benefits help you in reducing the travel cost, either in the form of complimentary services or rebate on certain expenses.

What is air miles?

Airmiles is usually related to the frequent flyer program offered by various airlines. It is essentially a loyalty program that is specially designed to reward the regular/frequent fliers on a specific airline. Every time you book a ticket with an airline, you earn some air miles, which you can redeem later to get a discount on the next ticket booking.

Different airlines have different names for their air miles program. For example, Vistara Airlines’ air miles program is known as Club Vistara, Air India’s air miles program is known as Flying Returns. The airlines’ also have a different name for their air miles points.

Suppose you are a part of the Air India frequent flyer program, every time you book a flight, you get certain FR Points. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them on your subsequent book and get a valuable discount on Mumbai to Bangalore flight cost or between any other cities.

NOTE – The Airmiles is not the actual miles (distance) that you can travel. But, Airlines set the ratio in which the miles points can be used for your flight ticket booking and you get the benefit accordingly.

How to redeem air miles?

  • Redeeming air miles on co-branded cards

Generally, co-branded cards offer complimentary membership to the airlines’ frequent flyer program. So, if you have accumulated any air miles, you can redeem the same directly while booking tickets for that airline. It is better to book the ticket from the official website or mobile application of the airlines so that you get the option to redeem the point right away.

If your co-branded card does not offer complimentary membership, you may have to register for the same. And, once you register and get the membership, you must link it with your co-branded card to get the air miles benefits and redeem the same as and when needed.

  • Redeeming common air miles

Many credit cards offer air miles points that can be redeemed across different airlines. However, for this you may have to transfer the accumulated points to airline of your choice from the list of eligible airlines. Generally, the credit card companies and banks have tie-up with a few selected airlines where you can transfer the airmiles.

To transfer the accumulated airmiles points on your credit card, you must log into the bank’s online portal and transfer the points from the rewards redemption section of the portal.

Final Word

Air miles are a great way to get discounts on the travel booking. And, if you are looking for a credit card that offers air miles, it is better to choose a card that offers a good sign-up bonus, as it will help you start strong. Also, if you like travelling with specific airlines, you can look for cards from that airline so that you get better rewards for your loyalty.

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