Virtual Agm – A Safe And Secure Online Meeting

Holding a successful Virtual AGM

A successful AGM can be a nightmare if not held successfully with ease to everyone. The foremost thing to consider while organizing a Virtual AGM is finding the correct platform with all the traits that may be required in the meeting. These features are voting and polling, Q&A, video streaming, and many more. Also, the onboarding of attendees and setup should be a user-friendly process, so the meeting remains the main focus and not the logistics behind it while conducting the meeting.

Reasons to choose Virtual AGM over others

Many companies or organizations are opting for AGMs to be conducted virtually or online. So, if they are considering Virtual AGM as a successful option, then why not you? Let’s talk about a few ideas that might help you consider online AGM as a probable choice.

  • It gives every attendee a voice: In an offline or in-person AGM, some people can debate with others and the experienced chairperson while others are not, and thus, they are not able to put forward their view. An online AGM can hence be their voice and not as much as frightening as in-person meetings.
  • Eco-friendly: In offline meetings, all the agendas, ballot papers and attendance handed over on a paper whereas in online meeting it is all done digitally which diminishes the use of papers and become an eco-friendly option.
  • More accurate and secure: As the results of polls or voting can be instantaneously calculated and presented in an online meeting, it saves a lot of time, which can be used for discussions.
  • More inclusive: Not all attendees can afford to travel a long distance and attend an offline meeting, and that’s why online AGM will benefit them.

Is a virtual AGM secure enough?

Knowing that these meetings are conducted online, data manipulation is a threat to the companies. To ensure that your Virtual AGM is secure enough, do consider a few things.

  • Anti-hack platforms
  • Access protocol and advanced permission
  • Secured cloud-based networks
  • Authentication and credential process

Myths about virtual AGM

There are myths about online AGMs like they disengage the shareholders or aren’t secured. You do not have to worry about these myths as you already know the reasons why online AGM is successful and is also secure.

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