What are the diverse ways of telling a legal site for watching movies?

With the advancement of technology today, you should note that illegal movies sites are everywhere. The latter types of sites come with their own drawbacks that you do not want to be a victim.  The good news is that today, you will have a wide variety of ways to tell if a movie watching site is legal or not. If you see one telling you to hide your IP address, you should question the authenticity of the site. In this watch movies online free article, we will provide you with the diverse ways of telling if an online movie-watching site is legal or not:

Illegal movie sites do not cover their tracks.

One of the ways of differentiating an illegal from a legal movie site is by the way they cover their tracks. You should note that an illegal movie streaming site do not cover their tracks.  What they do is that they will advertise diverse ways of hiding your identity such as the use of IP address, proxies, VPN services, and more.  When you see the latter information, it will be a clear indication that the sites do not operate according to the law.

Illegal movie sites do not tell you the areas they are getting their movies from.

You should note that two ways exists in which legitimate online movie streaming sites get their movies from. The first one is that they will get the permission free from the film studio to have that movie for download or streaming. Secondly, they will be showing the movies that are in the public domain.  You should also know that some film studio would choose to stream the movies from their sites.  The latter does no occur with illegitimate movie streaming sites.  Some of them will even go to an extent of hosting movies for downloads or streaming in their sites when they do not have a copyright of it.  By choosing to download or stream movies from such sites, you will be risking a lot. First, you could risk cases of hacking or phishing on your account.

Most of the illegimate movie streaming sites make money through advertisement.

If you have ever visited an online movie streaming or downloading site and multiple pop ups advertisement come up when you click to watch a movie, you should be careful about that site.  First, the latter occurrence is just boring. Not to mention that it also risks cases of hacking and phishing into your account. Understandably, most of the legitimate movie streaming sites I use stick to in video commercials to advertise their products.

In conclusion, you will have a wide array of places online to either stream or watch movies online. You will need to be careful on the site you will choose to watch your movies. Make sure the site is legitimate. You can rely on the advice given on this article to know the illegitimate 123movies online movie streaming sites you should avoid.

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