What are the fresh social media marketing trends 2020?

Exceptionally talented marketing professionals at MediaOne follows, a prolific marketing agency follow the newest Trends In Singapore Social Media Marketing for creating the strategies. Right now, the 2020 trends are published and marketers find it their responsibility to understand the trends and new techniques and apply them in building an effective campaign ensuring 100% ROI.

Before hiring a social media agency, know the dominating trends in 2020 so that you can check whether they’re following the trends in their campaigns or not.

Social media is more than hashtags & emojis

Limiting social media optimization with simple hastags and emojis is not going offer a better result. Focusing more on creating interactive content and sharing images or user-friendly videos will entice more target audiences.

Drive in organic web traffic by increasing customer engagement

Focus on increasing the customer/traffic engagement. It’s only possible by writing and sharing a viral content. Exceptional topics focused on a recent trending feed often drives in more users and they start interacting.

Video content will still rule

Despite the dominance of written content, video content is pulling trigger faster than the former in most cases.

Influencer marketing will dominate

This is the era of influencer marketing. More than conventional advertising, the influencers are luring more traffic to the websites.

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