Why It Is Better Option to Refurbish Transformer Rather Than Replacing?

In the power distribution and transmission system, transformers are one of the key items which is used either to step up or down the voltage or current. They however have limited life due to a number of factors.

However, as per the maintenance professionals, it is better to refurbish any transformer instead of replacing it altogether. Following are the benefits of using remanufactured transformer instead of replacing it with a new one.

  • Saving time and money

If you consider the refurbishing cost of a transformer then you will find it considerably much less than a new transformer cost.

Besides cost which is an important factor but the time needed to procure a new transformer can add further problem.

On the other hand, refurbishment can always be carried out inhouse in most cases that will not only save cost but time too.

Extending life of any asset is always a good option for customers if that too is possible to achieve without any significant risk of continuity of electricity supply.

You can achieve lower capital investment and also lower bills.

  • Extended asset life

Also, other than that, electricity industry is generally encouraged in making responsible application of various resources and also demonstrating environmental sustainability which has become a corporate responsibility.

By prolonging the life of the transformers this can be achieved. Often transformers were replaced due to peak demand at certain specific substations which may exceed the capacity of transformers.

It will be possible in such situation to increase the capacity of asset by introducing more cooling, so that the transformer remains well within temperature rise limits.

  • Remaining plant life

During nineties most of the new power plants have been built with expected lifetime of 20 years approximately and have reached their end of expected life. However, due to extreme power shortage still, they are under use.

As their expected remaining life left of all these plants are now measured in terms of years and not decades, it will not be cost-effective to consider replacement of large pieces of all capital items of plant like transformers.

However, refurbishment of these transformers will give the operator more amount of confidence that the plant may continue to remain in operation for the necessary required period, and thus reducing risk of any unexpected failure.

  • Spares

In case, you prefer to replace the old transformer then the old one can be refurbished and can be used as spare so that in case there is any other failure, it can be used immediately.

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