Why you should opt for Hyundai Palisade 2021 and not the 2020 version

The 2021 Hyundai Palisade is an improvement of the Palisade 2020. So why should you prefer the 2021 version to the 2020 version? The following are some of the weaknesses of the Hyundai palisade 2020 that should make you consider a switch:

There are no optional engines

When you are choosing an engine for the Palisade, it becomes straightforward. It is because there is only one available engine version.  And while it might be fine with most consumers, as it tends to save money and time, others would not be happy with it and might prefer to go with other options that tend to be a bit powerful than this particular one, especially if you opt to go with the high-end Limited trim.

Controls familiar from other vehicles

Manufacturers are taking from various models when creating a new model. That is very true when it comes to a palisade. But some users say that the controls which have been added are from cheap models. The interiors that are well crafted have several controls that might encounter a variety of issues when using the SUV.

There is a lack of refinement

Though it is a brand that looks luxurious, the Hyundai Palisade 2020 tends to lack the refinement match to the price it is sold at. If the consumer is interested in adding another option to the trim, which is a high end, then the price goes up drastically from the 50s to the 60s.

Average acceleration and handling

An essential factor in the design of SUVs is how it is handled on the various road surfaces. Some have driven the Palisade because of its average setting. It takes roads with surfaces that are standard for you to be able to get a smooth ride. But some experience on rough roads and turns are not perfect with this particular vehicle. Additionally, it is hard to reach peak speeds to pass other vehicles.

For some, styling might not be right

You cannot compare the Palisade to the Sante Fe XL, which is currently retired. It has an excellent design with a large grill, a very high hood, and a flat roof. If you have ever driven the SUV, this particular vehicle will feel as if it is not working well. It causes issues with the aerodynamics when talking about acceleration. It might be a personal decision or one that the engineers of the Hyundai will fix when it comes to the2021 Hyundai palisademodel

How it compare with the competition

The Hyundai palisade 2020 tends to receive high grades across the board regarding the power of technology and the standard safety options. It is ranked among the top ten in most categories. That is what makes it to be in a position to compete with most of its competitors, including the three-row SUVs.

When you are doing a comparison with the Honda Pilot, the Palisade is the one that wins in stylishness of the interior and reliability.

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