Escape Room Singapore: A Fun Way To Pass Time During The Worldwide Lockdown

Are you bored of the regular arcade and board games that you play on your mobile phone? Does the thought of staying in front of a screen just for the sake of “Fun” make you feel sick and tired? It is a well-known fact that today’s generation is almost married to mobile phones and their smart devices because of the internet. But as interesting and exciting online games may appear to be, nothing can beat the traditional games that are played in person with your friends and family. Therefore, if you are looking for some source of off-beat entertainment that is beyond the internet and technology then Escape Room Singapore is an answer to this query.

What is an escape room?

An escape room was originally invented in Japan in the year 2007 and came to the United States six years later in 2013. It is a real-time adventure sport, a game which is played between a group of people usually two to five in number. The Escape Room Singapore game comprises different rooms that have unique and varying teams depending upon the no. of people who are playing it and upon the situation that is set. Thereby, irrespective of the room you choose, the main goal is to escape in less than 60 minutes.

Virtual Escape Room Singapore

As you may be aware that the world had a total shutdown after the covid-19 spread in 2020. In this scenario, finding a real escape room Singapore is not easy. That is my virtual escape rooms not only a safer option to play during this time but they are no less than traditional escape rooms. In fact, you can play interactive puzzles, discover 360 Virtual tours, and engaging life storytelling only and answer experience and makes it easier to pass these lockdown days.

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