Pros and Cons of an Open Office Concept

Open office isn’t a new concept. It has been around for a while, and many companies have used it until now. However, some employees weren’t too happy about it. The idea is that the entire office is a shared space. While there are benefits, the idea also comes with a few downsides.

Pro: It creates a less rigid work environment

Some people dislike the idea of working in a stiff work environment. However, flexibility is necessary to keep the creative juices flowing. With an open office, it’s possible. Employees don’t feel like they have to be in a work mode all the time.

Pro: It offers more time to have fun

Open offices also have shared areas like a gaming room and living room. There’s no problem if employees decide to take a break while working. They don’t have to be in their respective areas throughout the day. If they feel stuck, they can stop working and head to the gaming area. No doubt some employees prefer playing online casino games such as NetBet games for entertainment, others may have a blast at Fortnite, while still others may prefer other game genres. As long as they can get things done on time, they can play whatever games they want.

Con: It can be too loud

Since there are no private spaces, the room can be too loud. Employees end up talking to each other. Some of them are playing instead of working. The scene might look enticing at first, but it can also be chaotic. It can be an unproductive work area.

Con: It makes the workplace less serious

Another problem with this idea is it turns the office into a less serious environment. Some people even end their day without accomplishing anything. It’s also untrue that everyone is responsible enough to meet the deadlines. Others enjoy playing, and they can’t do anything on time.

Pro: Open offices are a sign of acceptance to change

Changes are inevitable in any industry. The open office wasn’t a big deal several years ago. Over time, more companies realise the value of this setup. Hence, they decided to give it a try. If the management team said no right from the start, it signals resistance to change. If there are other beneficial changes in the future, these people will keep on saying no.

Con: It can adversely impact employee retention

While some employees accept the job for financial reasons, not everyone does. Others choose the job because they like doing it. If the office doesn’t seem serious enough, these employees might decide to leave. They would rather work somewhere else where they can find meaning in what they do. You don’t want to lose your assets because of this divisive concept. Having a private space is still essential for most people, and it doesn’t matter where it is.

You decide if this idea is acceptable to you. However, don’t forget to consult your employees and ask them about what they think. Listen to their suggestions if they have alternatives to an open office. You don’t want them to feel bad by forcing new ideas without any consultation.

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