Types of horse racing

Horse racing is one of the sports betting which has been in the market for quite a long time, and it tends to be one of the most entertaining and exciting events which sports offer at ambbet. But for the casual sport bettor, the horse races tend to be lumped altogether, making it hard to know that, there are various events and different horse racing types.

There are some races which emphasize the horse’s speed while others are based on specific skills or track endurance. Some races are featuring specific horse types or horse grades that compete at a certain level. You have to know which one you want to bet on before attempting to risk your money on any wager because some of the horse racing tend to be far more worth than others.

The following are some of the most common types of horse racing:

Flat racing

Flat racing is the most common type of horse racing. It is a race that deals with thoroughbred horses and they are run on a levelled, flat surface. In North America, the most popular is the Triple crown events; Preakness Stakes, Kentucky Derby, and the Belmont Stakes. But you have to know that, any race that is run on a surface that is flat without other obstacles or hurdles for the horses is regarded as a flat race.

The flat races are run between a mile to 3 miles depending on the type of event, and it can the stamina or speed of the horse or both. Turf is the main surface for running for horses worldwide. But there are some races which are still held on dirty tracks and mostly in the USA. In Europe and Great Britain, the races are normally broken into two; handicap and conditions are racing.

Jump racing or National hunt

It is the type of horse racing where the horse is provided with obstacles to overcome apart from the length of the track or the competition surrounding it. The National Hunt in overseas is the official name fo jump racing where the horse can avoid ditches, fences, or various obstacles as they go on to compete and win the race. They are races that are popular in Ireland, France and the UK.

Endurance racing

It is the type of racing that challenges the horse over tracks that are longer or an extended period. Unlike the jump and flat racing, endurance racing is where the horse is tested for longevity and endurance on a track. Speed doesn’t seem to be a factor here for the bettors with the main focus being on the horse which have the ability to have the consistency and not tire for a comprehensive course.

Harness racing

It is a race whereby; the horse is responsible for more than one jockey and weight. When in harness racing, horses pull a certain sulky and race a particular pace or trot.  The main goal for the horses is to pace or trot at a speed that is predetermined without having to break the stride. If the horse gallops, they are penalized.

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