Here are some Advantages and Disadvantages of French Door Refrigerators

The French door fridge was brought forth in the market in the 1990s and became famous quickly. This innovative design bears the double doors up top and a slide out freezer drawers equipped at the bottom of the fridge. Many owners believe that French door design is the most appealing feature in the kitchen. The integration of the side by side and bottom freezer, French door fridges are about 36” and measure around 20 to 27 cubic feet. These Frigidaire are wider instead of being longer, letting users keep larger or wider items inside. The two swing doors can be opened independently as well. Mostly every model has adjustable split shelves that are equipped with a chiller drawer that has an additional storage space that works with variety of temperature to store variety of foods.

Advantages of a French door fridge

  1. It gives an easy access to fresh food

As the fridge section is on the top, all of your fresh food can be easily accessed at an eye level. You need no excessive bending which is particularly beneficial for the elderly or those with back or knee issues.

  1. It has wider shelves

French door fridge shelves are wide enough to equip serving trays, pizza boxes and long containers. This makes food preservation an easy task.

  1. Ease with organization

French doors are big in size. The shelves and tiers are totally adjustable that let you to accommodate grocery items of various sizes. You can make the most of the full width or split it in order to make organized sections.

  1. These fridges are aesthetically appealing

The French doors are aesthetic beauties as well. Their stylish modern design can hands down be the focal point of your kitchen space. This upgraded fridge design is the ideal addition to your kitchen upgrade.

  1. These fridges are energy efficient as well

When you open the refrigerator door, the cool air seeps out that leads to usage of more energy in order to restore the temperature in the fridge. You can open one door on the French door fridge that brings down the amount of air that is seeping out of the fridge.

Disadvantages of French Door fridge

  1. They are expensive

These fridges are newer, bigger and better, but this very comfort comes with a cost.

  1. They have less door storage

While the fridge is loaded with space, it comes with narrower door storage than its counter models. The gallon sized beverages may have to be stored inside opposed to on the door.

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